Education Robot System

Perfect for school and education
[NEW model]


Whether for school, university, training, or just for home...

This education robot system is a complete 6-axis robot and can be moved and programmed like a real one.

Learn everything about gears and kinematics when assembling the ~ 850 parts (KIT), or start programming right away with the robot (READY) that we have assembled and tested. Your choice!


- 6 axis / motors
- just over 850 pieces (original bricks of LEGO)
- operating range of the robot about 330 mm
- Gearbox and kinematics like a real industrial robot
- operation and programming with KUKA® OfficeLite / OfficePC[2] (not included)
- Connected via USB cable to KUKA® OfficeLite / OfficePC[2]


- 1x Spike controller
- 6x motors for axis 1 to 6
- ~ 850 bricks
- digital assembly manual (260 steps)
- User documentation for commissioning and operating the robot
- Option package (KOP) for KUKA.WorkVisual including machine data for KUKA.KSS V8.5 and 8.6
- App for KUKA® OfficeLite / OfficePC[2] (KUKA® OfficeLite not included)
- USB cable for power supply and to connect OfficeLite / OfficePC[2] with the robot

Your choice... yourself, or get fully assembled and tested


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get an offer

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The education robot consists of ~ 850 original bricks from LEGO®. The robot can be supplemented at any time with additional, separately available, bricks in order to program interesting tasks.

Assembly manual

The digital assembly manual (Windows® application) is available for download. 260 detailed steps guide you during assembly. Fun and learning factor guaranteed!


The software comes as option package (KOP) for KUKA.WorkVisual and provides machine data and an app for KUKA® OfficeLite / OfficePC[2] V8.5 and V8.6. The app enables the connection to the robot controller via USB. Don't worry, all steps for commissioning and operating the robot are described in detail in the documentation.


We will gradually develop accessories and extensions for the education robot. Unfortunately no extensions have been completed yet, but we are looking forward to the creativity of the community. Certainly there will be a lot of exciting applications around the education robot.


[1] The availability of bricks, controllers and motors depends on the availability from our suppliers.

[2] KUKA® OfficeLite / OfficePC is not included. This package can be purchaed at KUKA®. There are special education licenses for universities, schools or training centers available. Please contact us for more information.