Cell Calibration Made Easy
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Cell Calibration Made Easy!
Using the BestFit method RobFit calculates from the robot position data and the reference data of the workpiece, the base coordinate system of the robot related to the workpiece.
A wizard guides you step by step through the operation. The calculation result is qualitatively illustrated and documented. An Export function generates a data file for direct use of the measurement result in the robot.


- Guided operation of the software
- Calculation of the robot coordinate systems by fitting the robot position data into the reference data (BestFit-methode)
- No measurement of the tool coordinate system necessary. This is determined automatically by RobFit.
- Representation of the quality of the measurement
- Export of the measurement result as a data file for direct use in the robot
- Documentation of the measurement results
- Calculations can be stored for later processing (e.g. for documentation purposes)
- English and German language
- License management

Supported types of robots

- FANUC (soon available)
- Comau (available in future)

Patented Technology

RobFit uses a method for robot base / tool measurement, which is protected by an international patent! Orange Apps is the exclusive licensee of this patent.


The download and use of the software is free.
In order to calculate a result an dongle with loaded licensing points is required. Each recalculation a licensing point is deducted.
The charging of the dongles with license points is done via an activation code. This code can be obtained from us by specifying the desired number of calculations and the generated upgrade ID.


Measurement of position data with optical measurement system

Calculation of base and tool coordinate system with RobFit

Manage and upgrade licenses


Win XP,Vista,7,8,10(x86,x64), .NET 3.5


*All prices in EUR excl. VAT and shipping costs.


1+ 100+ 250+
Calculation licenses (pcs.) 70 € 63 € 57 €

100,- € per USB dongle (the dongle is used to store the licenses)

*All prices in EUR excl. VAT and shipping costs.