Who are we?

We are proud to be a team with so much different expertise and experiences

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About us

At OrangeApps we have a clear mission - make the robotic even smarter. We have a clear imagination, how to achieve this goal. We simplify the handling, integrate the systems better and enable the people the work more efficient with the complex systems. It is about intelligent software and how its specifically use will make your production even more successful.

Be a part of our success story

The key to our success is the ability to boil complex challanges down to an essence, to find inovative solutions and to satisfy with the best usability. This is why we seek persons with a clear analytic mind, intellectual curiosity and fun in implementation - independent to age or origin. Further you have distinct knowledge and experience with relevant object-orientated coding languages, especially in .NET and accordingly development environments like for example Visual Studio. You already could prove your multiannual expertise in profession in diverse projects and commercial applications. Further knowledge in programming of industrial robots (KUKA, ABB, Fanuc) is a benefit, but not necessary.
If you want to accomplish things in a fascinating area of application together with us, we are looking forward to meet you. Send your documents preferably per e-mail.