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You are looking for an indiviudal Visualization- and Operating-Solutions or special Technology-Software for your Robot?

OrangeApps is offering the possibility to extend the existing Operating-Concept of KUKA Robot Controllers with individual Visualizations and Services. Seamless integration and intuitive operating are features of our solutions.

We call it - SmartPlugins

SmartPlugins are providing full access to the robot system and there is no need to have additional Software installed. The possibilities cover simple Input-Windows, as well as Process- and Configuration-Screens to Background-Services for data exchange with other systems. Intuitive control elements and flexible design complete our SmartPlugins.

On this website you can get more information about SmartPlugins and our other services and products. We also advise you personally in order to better respond your questions and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The OrangeApps team is looking forward to you!

OrangeEdit: version 2.0.11 available
The new version 2.0.11 of OrangeEdit is now available for download.
>> OrangeEdit

New version of the Screenshot-App
A new version of the Screenshot-App is available for download
>> OrangeEdit

OrangeEdit: version 2.0.10 available
The new version 2.0.10 of OrangeEdit is now available for download.
>> OrangeEdit

OrangeEdit: version 2.0.9 available
The new version 2.0.9 of OrangeEdit is now available for download.
>> OrangeEdit

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